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The Power of Good Advice.

Don't wait until efficiency has jumped out the window for you to take action and get support. 


Business Admin & Management Services

Taking your business to the next level
Business Admin

We will be your business administration team, supporting you with your day to day tasks and projects. Contact us for a full break down of services and prices. We support marketing processes, sales, HR and many more. 


We will write weekly reports on how our tasks are going, we will also look at your processes weekly and find more ways to be more efficient and effective.

Finance Optimization

Our team will also look at your figures and find better ways to spend your money, our main goal is to save you money whilst increasing your potential turn over. 


We're Good With Numbers



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About Us

Our Story

We not only offer the best and most comprehensive administrative support , but through training and sustainable job creation, our goals are to empower our employees and the businesses we work with to break the cycle of business stagnation and build a brighter future for all. 


Client Testimonials

Josh Phillip

"We wanted a solution that integrated all channels and that gave us the flexibility to implement in the way that we needed."

Gabriella Spring

“Premco's Professional Services team was the real driver for our successful, on-time roll-out”

Louise Maxwell

“My business efficiency has increased dramatically since working with Premco management.”


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